Smart Content Center has been established to nurture small but strong global companies by supporting small but competent domestic companies specializing in the field of smart content through various programs for strengthening competency of the company.

Details of Support

  • Smart Content Center supports full rental fees and 50% of maintenance fees for resident companies, and also provides phased supporting programs for commercialization of various ideas in the field of smart content. In addition, the center also performs the role of a hub in the field of smart content by providing related companies with business consulting, professional education and market information, etc.


  • 11.

    Held Smart Content Conference

  • 07.

    Selected the final support projects for Convergence Smart Content production

  • 07.

    Started export support business of smart content through global service platform, marketing/promotion, etc.

  • 07.

    Started business support services including consulting sessions to strengthen the capabilities of smart content companies and their networking

  • 02.

    Operated Korea App, Joint Korean Booth at 2013 Mobile World Congress (MWC 2013)

  • 01.

    Tenant companies for Smart Content Center were selected for the 3rd time and completed moving-in

  • 11.

    Held Smart Content Award & Conference

  • 10.

    Tenant companies for Smart Content Center were selected for the 2nd time and completed moving-in

  • 09.

    Operated APP Korea, Joint Korean Booth at Tech Crunch Disrupt

  • 06.

    Commenced incubating support business including smart content mentoring, networking, consulting, education, etc.

  • 05.

    Opened Smart Content Center/Tenant companies at Smart Content Center were selected for the 1st time and completed moving-in

  • 04.

    Selected tenant companies

  • 03.

    Smart Content Center established and an operation agreement signed (※ Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism/Gyunggi-Do/Anyang City)

  • 12.

    Smart Content Center Established and promotion plans confirmed